a commemorative collectible on cheapETH.

dedicated to geohot for his years of decentralization efforts via epic pwns

8 legendary hacks.

12 pog types.

420 pressed.


Hack collection: 42 pressings each
Tribute collection: 21 pressings each
ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT)
Buy, sell, transfer easily with cheap gas
On-contract marketplace (1.337% fee)
Owners have full control
In the summer of 2010, I was able to use my beloved iPhone 3GS while travelling far from home, thanks to geohot's public baseband unlocks. So geohot, thank you for gifting freedom.
geopogs is an ERC-721 non-fungible token on the cheapETH blockchain.
Contract address:

The goal is to promote the use of cheapETH and continue the decentralized compute party. These are not expected to gain monetary value. In fact, the plan is to only make unsold pogs cheaper as needed, to prevent speculators and encourage fun.

Its smart contract has a few customizations:
  • Extra on-chain data. For example, the "illegal number" PS3 key is stored on-chain in each ps3 geopog. troll face
  • First-party marketplace. Buy & sell. 1.337% fee paid by seller, for lulz.
  • Free (gas only) transferring & proxy approval enables other marketplaces & contracts. NO ROYALTIES.
  • Locked supply of 420 tokens
  • Editioning system for new or re-releases. Pressing a new edition starts a 7-day edition lock period. A maximum of 21 of each tribute pog, and 42 of other pog series can be pressed, for a total of 420. Note that additional series can be added, increasing the total per edition, but still capped at 42 each pog.
  • Contract can NOT burn tokens or take them from token owners
  • Code is open source, with tests.
Future plans include
  • Trading
  • Pog battles 4 keepz
  • Collaborative trading / setbuilding challenges
  • Web dapp improvements


In the initial pressing, 2 complete sets have been given out. One set to the creators of cheapETH, and one set to yours truly.
Additionally, many party and earth pogs will be given away at my whim. You have been warned. Please create a more fair devGeopods project if you are a benevolent dictator.
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